Is Your Heart as Big as Our Fridge?

Thanks to the commitment and generosity of our neighborhood cooks and the dedication of our team, 13,000 nourishing meals are distributed monthly to beneficiaries through our three neighborhood fridges.


What are you waiting for? Put on your apron and start cooking for your neighborhood.


Pick a habit, share a meal.

Every day, around 600 meals are cooked with love and compassion. Our talented chefs make sure every meal that leaves our kitchen is nutritious, varied, and tasty.

Distributing weekly healthy and hearty school lunch boxes to vulnerable children in our neighborhoods.

Since we cannot have a fridge in every neighborhood, we partner with trusted parishes and NGOs to reach a maximal number of households in need of food.

Meals on wheels ensures that daily 200 meals are delivered to our partners.

Feeding our communities one neighborhood at a time.



Our team of social workers assesses the individual needs of our beneficiaries to support them overcome their challenges and nurture their personal capacities and skills. Via our network of specialized partners, we assist them with psycho-social, health, and education services and empower them to regain self-respect and independence.

A varied and balanced diet is essential to promote the sustenance and health of our beneficiaries and their children. On a monthly basis, families enjoy a breakfast box filled with milk, laban, labneh, bread, jam, eggs, and cereals. You can help us put breakfast on the table of families in need.


We are open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm

St.John the Baptist Parish,Achrafieh

71-746 130

St.Michael Parish,Achrafieh

76-596 146

Notre Dame des Secours Parish, Haret Sakher

81-354 509

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