Our Story

Driven by a sense of revolt against injustice, Berrad El Hayʼs Founder Nayla Frem Sayegh started loading her car with snacks and beverages and shared them with the homeless.


But this method was not sustainable, and she knew that everyone deserves reliable access to food. Inspired by the concept of community fridges, already popular in Europe and the Americas, Nayla launched a similar initiative in Lebanon, Berrad El Hay, in September 2018.


Berrad El Hay, Arabic for “The Neighborhoodʼs Fridge”, is a Lebanese nonprofit, non-governmental organization registered in Lebanon under decree number 1188.


Berrad EL Hay is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the US.

Our Mission

We mobilize the different actors in our community

and build sustainable neighborhood solidarity and safety nets for individuals and families living on the brink, to protect them from poverty and ensure their most basic needs are met to live with dignity.


منشتغل ايد بايد، نحنا والجهات الفاعلة بمجتمعنا، تنبني شبكات تضامن بتحمي العيل  وبتأمنلا مستلزمات العيش بكرامة.

Our Vision

We strive for strong neighborhood solidarity

where people come together to empower the most vulnerable to become active members of their communities.


منحلم بحي متماسك وقوي، بتجتمع في الناس لتساعد بعضا ويصير كلّن الن دور فاعل بمجتمعنا.

Our Values

  • Solidarity  

    All for one and one for all

    Stronger together, we build the future of the neighborhood.


    إيد بايد تننهض بالحي و تترجع الحياة حلوة
  • Respect

    There is no communication without respect. We welcome and accept everyone for who  they are.

    إحترامنا لبعض هو الحجر الأساسي يللي بيرجع بثبتنا بالحي
  • Humility

    With humility comes honesty that builds trust and stimulates leadership.


    لنصير أسياد هالحي لازم نكون خدامو
  • Non-discrimination
    عدم التمييز

    The neighborhood knows no discrimination. We are all equal without differentiation on any ground.

    ما في شي بميزنا عن بعض، كلنا ولاد هالحي
  • Integrity

    Integrity is having strong morals  with everyone.


    لأنو النزاهة هي إنو نشتغل بضمير وحق لإلنا ولولاد الحي


Our Team & Partners

Despite all hardships and dire circumstances, we are wholesome thanks to the motivated and energetic drivers of our mission, helping us keep Berrad El Hay a reality.

Our board gets together in the toughest times to provide the necessary tools and resources to fight hunger and build for better societies.



    Denise, the Numbers Expert. Specialized in resolving problems and building financial reports, she feels the need to give back to the community by volunteering at Berrad El Hay.


    “Every month, when I visit the centers, it hits like the first time: I’m very touched to witness the daily operation, the food distribution, the attitude of the people being served, the human dignity respected”.



    Maitre Eddy, our Legal Consultant. Embracing Berrad El Hay wholeheartedly, he is invested and present in every detail of our operation.


    “Feeding the elderly with love and dignity is just heartbreaking and warming at the same time. When you witness such solidarity and love, you cannot not advocate for it”.



    Father Gaby, our Spiritual Leader. The first religious authority to adopt our project without any need for proof of concept.

    “Bridging between an NGO and the Church is a beautiful phenomenon to contemplate. It is a wonderful metaphor for collaboration to be seen and replicated.


    We welcomed Berrad El Hay in our Parish because we believe we are all invested in this mission of helping each other. Together we are stronger and stand taller.”



    Myrna, the Advocate in Action. Teacher, social worker, lifetime volunteer, our Managing Director.


    “I’m very sensitive to any food relief service protecting human dignity. Food gives comfort and hope. From the very small modifications to the most impactful ones we see in people’s lives, Berrad El Hay is pumping hope.

    To witness this is an immense source of happiness and contentment in my life”.



    Nada, Founding Member. Our Communication and Brand Consultant.


    “I cannot stand still while there is a lot of suffering and hunger in Lebanon. Berrad El Hay gave me the platform to help and support. In a very short period of time, the team developed into a strong unit, doing amazing work and impact on the ground. I believe in Berrad El Hay and love to see their beautiful achievements every day!”



    Nayla, Founder & President.

    “I put Lebanon first. I’m very sensitive to the vulnerable elderly and children and to how things are going today on the ground, where basic needs are absent, ferociously endangering social dignity and justice. This is why Berrad El Hay had to be born.


    We need to stand all together as one community to make the neighborhood immune to any illness coming from within. By fighting hunger, we are in fact fighting life’s adversities and advocating for personal independence. Only by hitting the ground can we understand the nature of the problem. This is how and why Berrad El Hay team is in daily contact with our people, listening to them and serving them from the heart. I believe the road to build a nation starts with solidarity in our neighborhoods. When we are together, truly connected and caring for one another, nothing can break us and we cannot fall”.



    Soha, Founding Member.

    “Volunteering with Berrad El Hay has brought me back to the roots, to the core. I reconnected with my closest community, my neighborhood, and the people I want to serve. Witnessing how dedicated and passionate the team makes us focus more on the neighborhood and the idea of empowering its Community.”

Our dedicated team works hard every day to connect with beneficiaries and provide them with the needed support to live decently.

Our partners help us amplify our impact, reaching more neighborhoods and strengthening our community.


We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm

St.John the Baptist Parish,Achrafieh

71-746 130

St.Michael Parish,Achrafieh

76-596 146

Notre Dame des Secours Parish, Haret Sakher

81-354 509

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