The Inspiring Story of Berrad El Hay, Lebanon’s Community Fridge Initiative

Al Araby TV-2 hosted Mrs. Nayla Frem, founder and President of Berrad El Hay who shared the story of how Berrad El Hay started. Motivated by a deep sense of indignation towards societal inequities, she began distributing snacks and drinks to homeless individuals from her car. However, she soon realized the limitations of this approach and recognized the fundamental right of all individuals to consistent access to food.

Drawing inspiration from the community fridge concept that had gained popularity in Europe and the Americas, Mrs. Nayla launched Berrad El Hay in Lebanon in September 2018. The first fridge was placed at Mar Youhana Church Achrafieh in March 2018. Berrad El Hay began cooking at Mar Youhanna Church, feeding around 500 to 700 platters.

Mrs. Nayla Frem highlighted that Berrad El Hay impacted every neighborhood, particularly in light of the many crises that the Lebanese people are facing, including growing poverty that is affecting the community. Overall, the Al Araby TV interview provided a fascinating glimpse into the work of Berrad El Hay and the team behind it.

Watch the report to know more!


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