Nurturing Hope: Berrad El Hay’s Ongoing Effort to Feed Lebanese Schoolchildren

In response to the heart-wrenching struggle faced by Lebanese schoolchildren arriving at their classes on empty stomachs, Berrad El Hay is launching “Fill Their Lunchboxes” for the second consecutive year. This inspiring initiative aims to unite the community in providing weekly nourishing school meals to vulnerable children in neighborhoods across Lebanon.

The campaign was born out of concern for the growing number of Lebanese children going to school with empty lunch boxes or, worse, empty stomachs. Berrad El Hay, renowned for its dedication to social welfare and community development, decided to confront this pressing issue head-on. “Fill Their Lunchboxes” seeks to alleviate the suffering of these vulnerable children by ensuring they have access to nutritious school meals and healthy snacks during their school hours.

Last year’s encouraging success was a testament to the remarkable unity and generosity of the local community, with individuals, businesses, and volunteers coming together to support Berrad El Hay’s noble cause. With the support of our beloved campaign ambassador and advocate, Maman Chocolat (@maman_chocolat), we successfully provided around 33,100 lunch boxes to four schools during the 2022/2023 school year. Each week, children received a balanced meal, including sandwiches, fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, and milk.

This year, we are more committed than ever to expanding the “Fill Their Lunchboxes” campaign, aiming to provide 66,000 lunchboxes to cover eight schools, effectively doubling last year’s impact. The compassionate Maman Chocolat ♥, along with other social media influencers, will rally support and donations from the community to ensure that no child in Lebanon goes to school on an empty stomach.

During these challenging times, this campaign serves as a heartwarming reminder that compassion and solidarity can profoundly impact the lives of those who need it most. Lebanon’s communities have shown that by coming together, they can nourish not only the bodies but also the hopes and dreams of their youngest members.

For those interested in contributing to the “Fill Their Lunchboxes” campaign or volunteering their time, please visit Berrad El Hay’s website at or contact Berrad El Hay at for more information on how to get involved.

Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Lebanon’s future leaders.


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