Shedding the Light on Berrad El Hay’s Mission

LBCI, a Lebanese TV channel, visited Berrad El Hay central kitchen and spoke with our president and founder Nayla El Sayegh who talked about Berrad El Hay initiative for Christmas.

Berrad El Hay volunteers believed that they could make a difference and draw a smile on the face of more than 600 people and make them feel the spirit of Christmas.

Mrs. Nayla said, “I want each family to feel the true spirit of Christmas. We offered a Christmas dinner, which included a roasted turkey with rice and one “Bûche de Noël”.”

With love and joy, Berrad El Hay volunteers celebrated Christmas with the beneficiaries, prepared Christmas lunch, and decorated Saint John’s church in Ashrafieh.

Mrs. Nayla said, “Berrad El Hay initiative started in 2018, with a mission to reduce food waste. Back then, people used to come and put excessive food in our community fridges. The need increased, and today fighting hunger is the responsibility of each one of us. Everyone can donate just one meal which is enough to help each other’s”. 

Nowadays, excessive food is increasing especially during occasions. Amidst poverty and hunger, we are in deep need of such initiatives to make a difference.

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