Spreading Christmas Joy and Magic for our Neighborhood’s Children

Berrad El Hay, in collaboration with chef and influencer Nicole Mrad, organized a remarkable Christmas campaign that made 400 children in Lebanon feel the spirit of Christmas. Chef Nicole partnered with influencers in the UAE to make this campaign a reality.

The driving force behind this campaign was simple yet powerful: for just $25, anyone could become the reason behind a child’s smile during Christmas. The goal was to sprinkle Christmas Magic by raising funds to provide a memorable and joyous holiday season for children in Lebanon.

Krystel El Adm Foundation (KEAF) offered special gifts for each sponsored child, Matelec contributed by providing a richly packed bag of goodies, and chef Nicole baked Christmas cookies ensuring that the children will have a memorable holiday.

Berrad El Hay also arranged an amazing Christmas theater show “Louna Snow Princess” at Athenee Jounieh Theater, adding a magical touch for the holy season.

Berrad El Hay’s effort alongside chef and influencer Nicole, and all the sponsors not only illuminated the holiday season for these 400 children, but also exemplified the profound impact that a heartwarming and collective act of kindness can have in spreading the magic of Christmas.


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