Berrad El Hay Reviving Hope in our neighborhood

RLL Lebanon (Radio Liban Libre) hosted during their show “Fi Amal” our president and founder Mrs. Nayla El Sayegh who talked about the mission of Berrad El Hay. She said, “Berrad El Hay started in 2018 as an initiative anti-food waste, to share the extra food with people in need, in central fridges in Beirut and Jounieh. The number of people benefiting from the Fridge started to increase due to the Lebanese economic crisis, and the idea of Berrad El Hay has shifted from a food waste initiative to a community kitchen, cooking 600 to 800 meals feeding the people in need.“

From an individual initiative to a registered NGO, our beneficiaries do not just benefit from food, but also psychosocial, schooling, and various financial aids, which act as momentum for these people who lost their essential needs. The beneficiary can benefit from all the programs and activities happening at Berrad El Hay, such as support groups, entertaining activities, and medical campaigns. Our program is for around one year, except for old people and abandoned ones, after that, we try to find him a job opportunity at Berrad El Hay kitchen or through our partnerships, Mrs. Nayla explained.

When asked about funding, Mrs. Nayla said, “We have private donors, and we do fundraising campaigns on social media. The last campaign we did was for the lunch boxes, and we have now 3 schools benefiting from 700 lunch boxes for students. This program was fully funded using social media. Until now, Berrad El Hay does not have international donors.

We are now 15 people in the team and with no doubt, the circumstances are very difficult, sometimes we feel like we want to stop and surrender due to all the crises Lebanon is going through.”
Mrs. Nayla also explained about partnering with other organizations. “Since we cannot have a fridge in every neighborhood, we collaborated with trusted parishes and NGOs to reach a maximal number of households in need of food. Our program Meals on Wheels ensures that 200 meals are delivered to our partners, such as Arc-en-ciel, Lebanese Food Bank, Mouvement de la Jeunesse Orthodoxe, Dar El Amal, and other organizations. These organizations benefit from the hot meals and provide us in return with their services.“

The surrounding community and neighborhoods provide us with one-third of the cooked meals.
I believe that Lebanon is a country composed of small-united neighborhoods.

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