Fill Their Lunchboxes Campaign 2022

Revolted by the alarming and sad reality of the increasing number of Lebanese children reported going to school with an empty lunch box, an empty sandwich, or simply an empty stomach, Maman Chocolat, an active member of our growing community of supporters and friends, joins effort with Berrad El Hay to raise awareness, rally people to our cause, engage our community and neighborhoods to be part of the movement. 

Our “Fill their Lunch Boxes” new initiative will ensure that 450 lunch boxes will be delivered every week to 3 schools in our neighborhoods. Berrad El Hay with the help of our community will support this initiative and will prepare healthy and hearty lunch boxes in its central kitchen in Ashrafye. 

Fighting hunger is a community effort! 


We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm

St.John the Baptist Parish,Achrafieh

71-746 130

St.Michael Parish,Achrafieh

76-596 146

Notre Dame des Secours Parish, Haret Sakher

81-354 509

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