Give them the gift of Summer! Summer Camp 2023

The two weeks of our neighborhood summer camp were truly unforgettable! The children were bubbling with excitement from the very first day until the end.

From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, sports tournaments, and arts and crafts sessions, there was never a dull moment. The camp’s dedicated staff played a significant role in creating a warm and nurturing environment. Overall, our neighborhood summer camp provided an enriching experience for all the children involved. They not only had a blast but also learned valuable life skills, developed a deeper appreciation for nature, and made lasting memories.

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Let them feel The Magic of Christmas

Let them feel The Magic of Christmas

Berrad el Hay and Krystel El Adem Foundation,

Come together to give 100 Children a magical day on Saturday December 17 at the Christmas Village of Arnaoun.

Lots of activities and surprises await them!

Christmas is not the same without giving and sharing!

Meeting point #1: Berrad El hay,

Mar Youhanna center

Meeting point #2: Fouad Chehab

Be ready at 8 am