Let them feel The Magic of Christmas

Let them feel The Magic of Christmas

Berrad el Hay and Krystel El Adem Foundation,

Come together to give 100 Children a magical day on Saturday December 17 at the Christmas Village of Arnaoun.

Lots of activities and surprises await them!

Christmas is not the same without giving and sharing!

Meeting point #1: Berrad El hay,

Mar Youhanna center

Meeting point #2: Fouad Chehab

Be ready at 8 am

Fill Their Lunchboxes Campaign 2022

Revolted by the alarming and sad reality of the increasing number of Lebanese children reported going to school with an empty lunch box, an empty sandwich, or simply an empty stomach, Maman Chocolat, an active member of our growing community of supporters and friends, joins effort with Berrad El Hay to raise awareness, rally people to our cause, engage our community and neighborhoods to be part of the movement. 

Our “Fill their Lunch Boxes” new initiative will ensure that 450 lunch boxes will be delivered every week to 3 schools in our neighborhoods. Berrad El Hay with the help of our community will support this initiative and will prepare healthy and hearty lunch boxes in its central kitchen in Ashrafye. 

Fighting hunger is a community effort! 

Sprinkle Christmas Kindness

It’s that time of the year again!

We gather around all our community, partners, families and friends to sprinkle some Christmas kindness in our neighborhoods.

With the collaboration of Little Melly, our Christmas Campaign Ambassador, we are launching the” Christmas Meal Pledge Promise” to ensure 200  festive meals to our beneficiaries, to share with their families on Christmas Eve.

Share a meal, and Spread the love.

Our young ones are never forgotten!
A Special Day is organized with the support of Krystel El Adem foundation on December 17 at Arnaoun Village. Lots of activities and fun await them. Stay tuned!

Last but not least visit our centers on December 22nd for a special Christmas event!

Christmas is not the same without you celebrating with us! Let’s bring some lights of hope and joy to our neighborhoods!

Let’s celebrate our solidarity.